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No one makes more custom suits and shirts than Designers Textiles & Tailoring

Crafted using your exact measurements, custom clothing is the perfect expression of who you are – or who you intend to be. It’s about getting what you want. The right fit. The right fabric. The right details. The right style. Our personal clothiers help you choose from over 500 custom suit fabrics and 250 custom dress shirt fabrics. We can help you build your entire wardrobe, including suits, shirts, trousers, sport coats – even custom tuxedos.  

CHOOSING CLOTH On your initial visit to Designers Textiles & Tailoring, you will begin the pleasurable process of choosing the cloth from numerous rolls and sample books that we carry. Elements of style and trim (buttons, linings) are also decided. DRAFTING THE PATTERN The tailor will then draft a paper pattern that will be the blueprint for all future suit patterns cut for you by Empire. If your weight fluctuates, the pattern will be let out or taken in as necessary. FIRST FITTING The suit is usually ready for a first fitting within a day of the initial order. Your input regarding the length of the jacket and width of lapel is very important here as it will be difficult to change after the first fitting. SECOND/THIRD FITTING Designers Textiles & Tailoring will recommend at least two fittings for the suit and a third if necessary. The second fitting should be getting closer to the fit and comfort desired of a bespoke suit. We will consider precision point details such as the break over the shoe, the seat of the trouser, the cuff point and the drape. HAND-FINISHING Once the customer is satisfied with the fittings, we will then hand-finish inside and out. Options such as pick stitching, working functional button holes and embroidery of name are all available. Designers Textiles & Tailoring offers linings and horn buttons as standard for all our suits.  

Your clothing is Tailored

We make more custom clothing than anyone. We are the world’s experts in made-to-measure clothing.What actually goes into making your suit? It’s more than a pattern. More than great fabric or experienced tailors.It’s what hides behind the lining that makes a suit truly great.

Product Feature

We offer you complete collections of fabrics from the world’s leading fabric houses. Our extensive selection of fabrics, includes a wide assortment of elegant and luxurious four season fabrics. We select only cloths of exceptional quality and value from the finest mills around the world for our collection in all the latest colours and patterns. Therefore you can be sure to find a fabric which will best suit you! At Maharajas, you can choose from the finest fabrics

  • Wool
  • Wool Cashmere
  • Silk
  • Corduroy
  • Linen
  • Cotton
  • Egyptian Cotton
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We’ll keep your measurements safely! Be sure to measure the exact size of your body. Our experienced tailors will be able to work out the final measurements to complement your figure. go ahead, contact us your measurements we’ll keep them in file in anticipation of your order…
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